Friday, September 09, 2005

Escrow On Track

I called my escrow agent yesterday to make sure things were on track for our closing a week from today, since I haven't heard anything yet. She said she had everything she needed from me, short of my signature on the closing documents. She is just waiting for some loan paperwork from the buyer's bank and then we'll be good to go. She said I could go ahead and come down and sign everything, but I said I'd wait until the buyer's docs arrive. No point in signing if for some reason, the deal falls through. I did ask for a copy of the HUD settlement statement to be emailed to me though.

I also called my handyman this morning to see how things were going. I got his voicemail and left a message.


youngmiser said...

When I closed on my house, I made sure they had all the documents because I wasn't going to allow them to keep pushing the closing date. i said if they need a document, you better think of it ahead of time...

CJLoerwald said...

sean, i got a lead off our website in chandler arizona the other day will send it on to you if it checks out. send me an email if you can with where you want me to email it to. thanks. Collin

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