Monday, February 27, 2006

House 3: Photos and Fix Up List

I met up with my handyman this morning to go over my list of things that need to be done. Here's my list:

Whole House

  • Trash out
  • New paint inside and out
  • New A/C vents
  • Replace mini-blinds / vertical blinds
  • Remove drapes
  • New linoleum where there is existing linoleum except hallway.
  • Replace all electrical outlets, light switches, and plates.

Front Room

  • New front door. Use existing knobs / lock if possible
  • New wall heater
  • Remove door and door frame at archway
  • Replace ceiling fan

Rooms Through Archway

  • Replace door to add-on room and install door knob
  • Replace window A/C unit
  • Replace skinny windows with all the same type
  • Can wood paneling be removed?
  • Fix holes in drywall
  • Clean up / Reface fireplace
  • Remove cabinets

Laundry Room

  • Remove washer and dryer
  • Replace window
  • New light fixture
  • Fix drywall
  • New outside door. Use same knob if possible


  • Remove refrigerator
  • Remove stove
  • Replace cabinets, countertop, and sink
  • New light fixture

Bedroom 1

  • New door
  • New closet door
  • New ceiling fan

Bedroom 2

  • New closet door

Bedroom 3

  • New closet door


  • New vanity
  • New bath / shower enclosure and hardware
  • New window
  • New medicine cabinet
  • New light fixture
  • New toilet


  • New closet door


  • Remove car
  • Remove shed
  • Remove trash
  • Replace evap unit
  • Replace fence

Front Yard

  • Fix tops of fence pillars
  • Fix roof fascia
  • Straighten and repaint fence iron
  • Replace outside light
  • New house numbers (1 place only)

I was a little bit disappointed to learn he no longer has additional people working for him, so the job will take longer. He estimates it will take about a month and he can't get started until the middle of next week. He'll be faxing me a quote later. This is a pretty big job, so I'll see how well he does, not only in terms of worksmanship, but also time estimates and cost.

Now, on to the photos!

The Entryway / Family room:

The Entryway / Family room

Converted Room: This room was a carport.

The kitchen:

This is a room just off the converted room:

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2:

There is one additional bedroom that I did not take a picture of. Looking over these pictures, I've noticed they don't really do the place justice. It's much trashy-er than this shows :-) I should have taken some pictures of the backyard...

My handyman suggested that the kitchen cabinets might just need to be refinished instead of replaced. I thought about replacing them because the bottom of some of them needed replacing. I also am replacing the countertop and sink, so I figured might as well do it all. It's pretty much a straight run, so I don't think they would be too expensive. The handyman is going to consult with his cabinet guy and see which option is more affordable.


savvy saver said...

You can prime and paint wood paneling... I've seen it done and it looks good. If it were me planning to live in the place, I would take it down, but I'd just paint it to sell

monarchcrest said...

To me this sounds like it will take him longer than one month. You've got an entire kitchen remodel, an entire bathroom remodel, front and back yard cleanup and work, alot of miscellaneous time consuming work. When I was reading it I thought maybe one month, but then to hear he's doing it himself I'm thinking 2 months at the least. Sounds like a $10-12k job to me with about $5k of materials.

Trisha#1 said...

I most definitely agree with Monarchcrest. With only one guy working on the job, you're looking at two months holding costs. You should ask him if he has a son or a neighbor kid that can be paid hourly to help with menial tasks and speed the process along.

DanishInvestor said...

Hi Shaun,

To speed up things why dont you clean the house and prepare for the handyman... So that he can save some time....

If you dont have the time to mess around yourself you can hire someone to do that....

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others here, this sounds more like a month and a half to two month job...and will probably be more than $10-12k in labor...unless this guy is REALLY cheap! Also as 'savvy saver' said you can prime and paint wood paneling. I did it in my own home and it looks great...will show you some pics if you want.

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