Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Phoenix Area Rich Dad Forum Members Get Together March 23 - 26

Erin Morgan and Russ Herschelmann, emorgan26 and home_theater_guy on the forums, have organized a get together for other Phoenix area investors. The event will feature talks by local investors and opportunities to network. Les Gee will also present his acclaimed REST workshop (additional fee applies).

Registration is limited to 25 people (which is now down to 23 since my wife and I have registered) and the cost is $58 per person. Details can be found at and registration can be done at .


Anonymous said...


I recently found your blog. Are there going to be any future get togethers? We live in Scottsdale and have been studying the Rich Dad material for some time.

Melissa & Kevin

Shaun said...

I don't know of any more meetings planned specifically of RDPD folks. When I hear, I'll post here, of course. I do know there are monthly meetings of REI groups here. One in Mesa comes to mind.

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