Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Need A CPA

Can anyone recommend a good CPA in the Phoenix metro area? Preferably, one that is a real estate investor or has lots of REI clients..


~ said...

check out the MMF - , as I know that alot of the Burley students work in th phoneix market (that is one of John Burleys markets too from memory). Also check out 'the ark' (as well as Dianne Kennedy tax site). From PiB.

Seif said...

I use Edward D. Roberts CPA PC. Located at 7144 East Jenan Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. He is easy going, looks at finance and accounting from a business/investor perspective and is a Rich Dad fan. Good luck!

Shaun said...

Thanks for the info people (here and in email). I found a CPA who is also a real estate investor and was recommended by another real estate investor.

David said...

Check out Tom Wheelwright. He is the founder and CEO of ProVision - a CPA firm in Tempe. He is a well versed Real Estate investor and is not only a fan if Rich Dad, he's affiliated with them. He's also a member of AZREIA - Arizona Real Estate Investors Association.

Hope this helps!!

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