Tuesday, May 23, 2006

House 3: Increased Police Patrols

I called the police department today and spoke with an officer in the Community Response Office and told them what has been going on at my property. They filed a request for increased patrols in the area. This doesn't mean they will guarantee increased patrols, but it does mean that whenever the police have some extra time, they are supposed to spend it patrolling the neighborhood. Hopefully, that will help cut down on the crime.


Katie said...

While my troubles haven't been as horrible as yours, I do have some disturbing neighbors at one of my properties. I'm going to start implementing your solution on my site and investments.

Risr said...

Shaun, I had similar burglary experiences in some of my rehab properties and got the idea to install some strategically placed fake surveillance cameras while the property was empty. The fake camera looks very real and has an LED on it so it's noticeable at night. Not sure if it’s a coincidence but since then I haven't had any troubles.

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