Wednesday, May 10, 2006

House 3: Insurance Obtained

I've got another company to insure the property from May 15th, when my current coverage expires, until I sell the place. I just did an online search and pretty much chose a company at random. I have to pay for a year, but since the house is selling soon, I'll get most of that back when I cancel the policy. The company I got was about $100 more per year than what my current insurance company charged me, so this exercise provided a nice little verification that my current insurance provider has decent prices.

Tip: Remember to either get the policy in the name of your company or, if the insurance company won't do that, get your company listed as an "additional insured" on the policy! Protect yourself legally from having the "corporate veil" punctured.


Anonymous said...

What company did you get the insurance through? How much did it cost?

Shaun said...

It cost $690 for the year. I'd rather not mention the company since I did virtually no research on them and have no idea if they are a good company or not. I was just looking for coverage for one month.

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