Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Appliances Are In

Today went much better than yesterday. When I arrived, I noticed all the trash that was out front had been picked up. One thing I did not mention in my last post was that yesterday I decided to hire a trash pick-up company instead of waiting for the city bulk collection. I made this decision because the line of trash stretched the length of the front yard and I didn't want it sitting out for up to a week (and rain was forecast, so I didn't want a big mess on my hands). So I called a company yesterday and tried to get them to come out. They told me they would work me in. I also gave them the lockbox code because the refrigerator was not moved outside and I needed them to haul it away. So, the question was, who picked up the trash? I never got a call from the trash company and they didn't have my billing info, so if they did get it, it was picked up for free. When I went into the house this morning, the refrigerator was still there, so it appears the city collection picked everything up. Well, it turns out they picked up everything except some cans of paint, which can't be thrown in the dump.

So I sat around waiting for the appliances to be delivered and talked a bit with the handyman, who was there working. About 10:30, I got a call from the trash pick-up company. They didn't make it yesterday, but were going to come by now. No problem! I told them the city picked up most the stuff, but I still had the refrigerator to get rid of. I had also loaded the cans of paint into my car to haul off somewhere, but they said they could take those too. A few minutes later, they showed up, took out the fridge, and unloaded the paint from my car. It only cost $100 (the basic refrigerator charge) rather than the $350 it would have if they had to haul away all the other stuff the city took.

I took a few pictures of the place while I was there.

Witness the power of this fully operational Death Star!

Family Room. The marks on the floor are dirt. You can also see the soot on the popcorn ceiling. This will be painted over.

Kitchen With Old Appliances. I should have gotten the dishwasher in this shot.

Kitchen With New Appliances.


JonnyQ888 said...

Its amazing how much better that kitchen looks with new appliances. It was looking a bit rough before=)

Peter Ferrigan said...

The pictures look great and really add alot to your post. Would you mind uploading a picture of the front and back of the house?

Peter Ferrigan

Shaun said...

The front of the house can be seen here. I'll get a picture of the back the next time I am there.

Steve said...

That chandalier does look freaky. Bet it was the "in" thing back in the 60's-70's, though. :-)

Shaun said...

I also like the fact that the drapes stop a good foot from the floor! Very chic!

Jonathan said...

Haha, yeah you definitely need to get rid of the Death Star before showing the house to buyers. It's funny how certain things like that can really turn people off, like my parents.

I didn't even notice the drapes until you pointed them out, ha. New appliances look great. Thanks for the pics!


Steve said...

LOL! Yeah, makes you wonder who measured the windows for the drapes. BTW, the cabinets look to be in real good shape, but I know sometimes pictures have a way of not showing the real truth. Was there something wrong with them that made you think about having your handyman install new ones?

Shaun said...

My mom saw the pictures and she thinks someone washed the drapes and they shrunk. Yeah, the cabinets look OK in the pictures. In reality, the doors are bowed and don't close flush. The bottom of the cabinet under the sink has been warped from water. I could probably get by without replacing them, but I'm going to be listing this for slightly higher than FMV and I want every edge for getting it to sell. A couple hundred bucks on cabinets could get me another $1,000 or so when I sell. But I still haven't gotten the quote for cabinets, so I don't know what it will cost yet.

Sellrealest8 said...

Wow, the new appliances really look good.Try painting the cabinets white first before replacing them.

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