Thursday, March 17, 2005

House 11 Electrician Update

Just got a call from the electrician and he and his assistant (a journeyman electrician, actually) are at the house working now. He wanted to know if I wanted him to take down the ceiling fans and re-wire those. There is also a workshed on the side of the house and he wanted to know if I wanted those outlets replaced as well. I said yes to both. The workshed definitely needs it because he said he saw one outlet there that was burned out. He also has to pull out the appliances and change the wiring behind those. I informed him the appliances are being replaced and he can save himself some time and effort by not bothering to re-install them. He also commented that the outlets in the kitchen were filthy - they are caked with grease and dirt. He's found about 50% copper wiring and 50% aluminum wiring. The good news is that he thinks he can get everything done today.


Mike said...

Hi Shaun,

Just found your blog while searching for some info on Utahinvestor.

About 2 years ago, I was on the richdad forums, researching REI for all I was worth. But a funny thing happened along the way. I started doing a little affiliate marketing on the internet, and the next thing you know...I'm making my living full time as an internet marketer!

I run a blog similar to yours, helping people learn how to do what i do...step by step.

However, getting into real estate was my first love, and now that I have the time (and kind of have the money now) I'm starting to do research in real estate once again.

Thanks so much for providing a wonderful source of information. I'll be watching it closely! :-)

Oh, speaking of ridiculously hot markets - I live in the Reno, NV metro area. My wife and I bought a brand new home in June 2004 for 180,900. Nine months later, the same home in the same development is being built and sold for 279,900!!

Last weekend, we went house shopping. After going to more then a dozen new home builders, every single one of them had a waiting list for a new home of 1-3 YEARS!

I've seen bubbles before, but never anything like this. Makes me wonder what I'll find when I start investigating pre-foreclosures!!

Anyway, sorry for rambling...just wanted to say thanks for all that you provide.

Take care!

Shaun said...

Thanks for the kind words! I know what you mean about hot markets. My neighbor bought his house 2 years ago for $189,000. He's got it listed now for $349,000. That's actually a $20,000 drop from what he had it listed at - and he had a buyer at that price, but it fell through.

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