Wednesday, March 09, 2005

House 11 Closing Today?

Just got a call from the title company asking me to come in and sign the paperwork and bring my funds. The only thing they have given me so far to show my costs has "pre-audit" and "estimate" written all over it, so I asked for a final version so I wouldn't bring the wrong amount and have to make two trips. Apparently, this is an unusual request, since the woman I was speaking to was a bit flustered by it. She said they have the final figures after everything is signed. Since it's an all-cash sale with no home warranties, loans, etc., she says the odds are very tiny that my figures would change. The only changes would likely be on the seller's side. I told her the rest of my week is very busy (which it is - I'm getting two cavities filled tomorrow and I'm meeting with my CPA to go over my taxes on Friday), and I won't have time to make two trips to their office this week. She said none of the paperwork I have to sign needs to be notarized, so she is sending the stuff by courier today for me to sign. I'll go out at lunch to get the cashier's check and then call her, at which point she will send a courier back to pick up the docs and my check. And then we will be done!

The sellers are coming in today to sign their paperwork. Two days after we close, I get the keys, so this should work out good - if we can get this all done today, I should have the house by the weekend!


Steve said...

Best of luck on a quick and painless close, Shaun!

BTW, what is your exit strategy again? Also, I know you mentioned repairs (especially, the aluminum wiring), but how long do you plan on holding this property?

Shaun said...

My exit strategy is 2 posts back, in the post titled "House 11 Exit Strategy" :-) In a nutshell, I plan to repair and sell. I figure it will take about 1 month to do the repairs and 1 to 1.5 months to sell (including a 30 day escrow).

Steve said...

Thanks Shaun. I actually went right by that post when trying to find the answer. Bah! My age is really starting to show itself. :-)

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