Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Going Over Work To Be Done

I met the handyman at the property this morning to go over what needs to be done. I've got a one and a half page list of stuff. I was pleased to see the previous owners are indeed moved out, although they still left a bunch of junk, including a key ring with about 20 keys on it. I hope he doesn't need any of them! There was some trash piled up in the front yard and I guess what happened was the trash can got full, so they piled some stuff there, and left more stuff inside. There's a computer desk to haul away, a bunch of little stuff in the storage sheds, and miscellaneous crap inside. They left the refrigerator, which I thought they were taking, and took the freezer, which I thought they were leaving. Oh well. I wasn't planning on keeping either one. So I need to get a dumpster over there when my handyman is there, so the stuff can be thrown out.

My handyman will be calling me back tonight with an estimate. He thinks he can start work on the place on Friday. I asked him about the dirt on the popcorn ceiling and, as we discovered, the popcorn was already painted over once, so we'll paint over it again. Dirt problem solved! In addition, I need to swing by Goodwill and pick up a chandelier to replace the Death Star that is hanging in the dining room now.

The plan is as follows: Thursday / Friday the electrician will be there working. Friday / Saturday the handyman will start his work. I expect he'll take 2 - 3 weeks, but we'll see what he says when he gives me his quote. Next Tuesday, new appliances are being delivered. After the handyman is done, I'll get new carpet installed. Once that is in, I'll have some people in to clean the place and then I'll list it. I still haven't decided if I will be using a Realtor or going the FSBO route yet.


Andviv said...

Usually what are the rates you get from your handyman? How did you meet him? I have found it difficult to find a good handyman.

Shaun said...

My guy does not quote an hourly rate. I tell him what needs to be done (and give him a list in writing) and he quotes me a price, which includes labor and materials. I found him from a classified ad he placed in a local newspaper. I think I'm pretty lucky to have found a good guy on my first try! I can't remember, but I may have looked him up on the Better Business Bureau's website before hiring him.

Bginvestor said...


Some advice..

1) Start marketing your property now! Wouldn't you like a buyer the day after your done with the work? Also, this may decide to use a realtor if your getting low response from FSBO! Don' forget to use several signs at the first major intersections

2) On one of my rehabs, I rented a uhaul for 2 days and took the junk to the dump and it saved me $150 over getting a dumpster..

Shaun said...

There is another option for the trash that will cost me nothing: the city has a bulk collection pickup once a month. The only problem with this is that you need to haul the stuff out fo the curb and they come by sometime during the week - they don't tell you what day. For the refrigertor, I need to take the doors off, but they will take it. Well, I just heard from my handyman, so I'll wrap this up in a new post..

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