Friday, August 06, 2004

Buyer's Inspection

OK, here's the list of items the buyer is requesting that I fix:

  1. Cracks in the east side of the stucco that need to be repaired
  2. The condesate drain line for the heat pump is inside the east exterior wall. It needs to be extended to keep condensation from getting behind the wall.
  3. The sprinklers did not come on when the sprinkler control valve was turned on.
  4. There is a leak at the front sprinkler valve.
  5. The tree in the west front yard has to be trimmed away from the roof.
  6. Fuel system was not on for inspection - suggest utilities company light and test all fuel appliances.
  7. The electrical outlets on either side of the kitchen sink are hooked to a GFCI that did not work.
  8. All the window screens are missing.
  9. The smoke detectors did not respond to the test button. They were painted over.
  10. The west hall smoke detector is missing from the wall.
  11. The drain line for the dishwasher is improperly installed.
  12. The water shut off valves are stuck open under the sinks in the master bath and the hot water valve is stuck open under the hall bath sink.

Now, keep in mind, I can fix all, some, or none of these and if the buyer doesn't like what I choose, he can back out of the sale. What would you fix?

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