Monday, August 09, 2004

The Fixes

Today I met with the handyman and went over what we will fix. Here is what I am replying with back to the buyer:

  1. Cracks in stucco – no
  2. Extend condesate drain line for the heat pump – yes
  3. Sprinkler control valves - yes
  4. Front sprinkler valve leak - yes
  5. Trim tree in the front yard - no
  6. Fuel system was not on for inspection – yes. Gas company will turn on tomorrow and light appliances.
  7. GFCI electrical outlets - yes
  8. Missing window screens – no. Three screens are in shed in back.
  9. Smoke detectors did not respond to the test button. – When I pressed the test button, they worked. Nevertheless, we will re-check.
  10. Missing smoke detector - yes
  11. The drain line for the dishwasher is improperly installed. – yes. Just was not connected to overflow valve that drains to sink.
  12. Stuck water shut off valves in bathrooms – yes

The sprinkler valves I had fixed Friday. The cost of that was $530. Yikes. More than I expected, but they said there was a fair bit of metal work that needed to be done. The other items above my handyman quoted me $200 to fix, including parts. He will start tomorrow morning and I don’t think it will take more than a day. So these fixes will cost me $730 total. Now I’m glad I counter-offered 1.25% cash back to their 1.75%. That got me an extra 0.5%, or $710. Enough to mostly pay for these items.

We fax the inspection checklist with my response back today. The buyer has 5 calendar days to respond.

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misteropus said...

Your reply seems reasonable.

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