Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Home warranty question

The only times I have ever seen a home warranty purchased is when a property is bought or sold. Does anyone know if these can be purchased at other times? I'm asking because it might be possible to get another stream of income going. If you asked your lease-option tenants if they wanted to purchase a home warranty, perhaps the home warranty company would pay you a commission. It would probably be legally questionable if you forced them to buy one or forced them to buy one from a specific company, but if you gave them the option, it might be ok.

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Shaun said...

When I was signing papers today, I asked the escrow officer about this. She said yes, you can buy a home warrantee anytime. However, if you buy it outside of escrow, most companies require that you wait at least one month before they will accept any claims. I grabbed a bunch of brochures from various home warranty companies for future info.

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