Monday, August 30, 2004

Last minute issue update

Heard from my agent. She said the buyer doesn't want to hold up escrow either and is willing to go ahead and close and take me on my word that I will get an AC guy out to fix the problem today or tomorrow. That's pretty cool of him. But he's also complaining that the condensation line issue that was raised by the home inspector (that it needed to be extended so it didn't drain into the wall) was not fixed. They claim it still looks like the picture. Well, I only have a fax copy of the picture and it's just a big black blob, so I can't judge, but this was definitely fixed. I had an elbow joint put on so now rather than the line exiting flush with the wall, it extends out a bit and turns 90 degrees down towards the ground. This guy is pretty strange.

Anyway, the good news is my agent has an AC guy that she can probably get out there today to fix it. She going to contact him for me. She's fantastic and worth much more than the 1% I'm paying her. When this is all done, she's getting some kind of gift. And the funny thing is, this is the second house I've sold through her in a year and I still have never met her in person!

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