Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Issues resolved - waiting for funds

The air conditioner repair guy was out yesterday. It turns out, it was the condensation line that was clogged. However, it was not the one that drains to the outside. Apparently, there is another one that drains to the bathroom (which is a standard practice these days, I am told). The guy blew out the line and he said stuff just flew all over the bathroom :-) He cleaned it up though. So the good news is that it was indeed the AC that was causing the problem in the ceiling and not something more serious. The better news is this only cost me $132 to fix instead of the $300 I offered the new buyer.

I also went out to the house early this morning to fix the paint. I pulled off the paint that had bubbled up, and painted over the spot using some of the extra paint that was left in the garage from when I had the whole house repainted. It took me about 20 minutes to finish everything. I did check out the bathroom and it looked clean, so the AC guy cleaned up nicely. And, in a moment of goodwill, I also threw out some of the trash that was still in the garage. All that's left now is an old bookcase, some plywood, and a car battery.

So that should be it! Funding should happen today and this will be a done deal!

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