Friday, August 26, 2005

Article On Why RE Agents Aren't Getting Rich

There's a good article on about why real estate agents aren't getting rich from the current housing boom. I love the last line :-)


misteropus said...

Makes sense. Two of my Intel buddies got their California licenses and they both still have their full time jobs.

Anonymous said...

I think RE agents that are RE investors themselves can make $$ or if they work with RE investor. We have an agreement with our RE agents if they brings us leads we'll agree to list it with them, assuming we get it at the price we want.

Oh BTW, I changed my web URL, I moved Sixth World Investments to "D"igital Breakfast, its new addy is


jim said...

So when the bubble does deflate (or the mini froth bubbles deflate), you'll find a lot of second tier (and third and fourth) RE agents in a little bit of trouble...

philleto said...

Why are realtor's always so "busy" when time and time again statistics show that they aren't.

Ken said...

The last line is classic.

Gee, if only I'd known it was so easy to make money in real estate.
Now that I know, I think I'll go out and flip four or five tomorrow before lunch.

youngmiser said...

Eh, just flip them like hamburgers. One thing I have noticed is that Real Estate Agents have become very angered over discount agents or flat fee agents because they are taking a lot of business away from traditional agents.

Anyone see anything wrong with that?

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