Monday, August 22, 2005

Yard Is Clean!

Wow! I stopped by the property this morning to check out the work the yard maintenance company did and I am completely impressed! I had told the company about the violation notice I received from the city and that I had to cut the weeds down to no higher than 6 inches and trim a tree that was overhanging the sidewalk. That was what I expected them to do - cut the weeds down. What they actually did was pull them all! There is no evidence of weeds at all, anywhere! I must say, the yard looks very impressive now! Of course, it cost me $400...

In addition to doing a good job, the landscape company was willing to work with me. Normally, they collect payment at the property after the job is complete. Since the property is vacant, they couldn't do this. Believe it or not, this company does not accept credit cards, so I couldn't even pay over the phone. They suggested that I leave a check under the doormat, but I told them the property was an hour away from my house and I couldn't do that easily. They agreed to let me mail in the payment that day. And they performed the work on a Saturday too!

While I was at the house this morning, a neighbor came over and started talking to me. He said the landscape company had a bunch of people working there. We got to talking some more about the previous owner and the neighbor was probing me for what I paid for the house and what I sold it for. I didn't see any harm in telling him. He's glad that the sales price is high because it helps his home value. I did find out a funny story about the previous owner: I guess he liked to tell stories with a little bit of embellishment. As the neighbor told me, according to the previous owner, I bought the house by bringing over cash and counting it out to him on the hood of his car!

In other news, I submitted the SPDS to the new buyer on Thursday. I haven't heard anything else yet on the sale and I'm just waiting now for them to have their inspection completed.

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Bginvestor said...

Wow, $400 seems expensive! I'm glad your happy w/ the work

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