Monday, August 08, 2005

Turns Out, It's More Than A One Day Delay

Why did I expect things to be done on time? I got a message from Keith on Thursday saying the cabinets would be done on Friday. So I went out to the property on Sunday afternoon and nothing was done. The parts that still need to be installed were there - the veneer and toekicks and such, but they weren't installed yet. The stove was still not put back in place either. So this morning I called Keith and asked what was up. He said his guy was out there Sunday and finished everything except for the doors on the upper corner cabinets - the hinges for those didn't work. I was at the house Sunday from about noon to 1 PM, so I asked Keith when his worker was there. He wasn't 100 percent sure, but said he'd find out. It must have been after I was there or someone is lying. So theoretically, there are just two cabinet doors to install that's it. Keith tells me he's getting hinges for those today.

It wasn't a totally wasted trip out there for me, though. I vacuumed the house and threw out some boxes that were left from the installation of the bathroom sinks and faucets. (By the way, these cordless vacuums are fantastic! Lightweight, cordless, and they pick up fairly well. They won't do heavy cleaning, but they are great for doing a final touch up.) I also did a tiny bit of painting. The new cabinets that go over the stove are shorter than the old ones. Since the place was painted before the new cabinets were installed (yeah, I know.. stupid move), I had about a 6 inch wide strip of old paint visible. So I painted over that. There were also some cardboard boxes laid down ages ago by the appliance delivery people to protect the carpet . I finally hauled those out. I also took the full trash cans out to the curb for garbage collection, which happens today.

While there, I noticed that the light fixture in the master bathroom was missing the glass that covers the light bulbs and that one hardware mounting hole in the new kitchen sink was not covered. So on the way home I stopped by Home Depot and picked up the light cover (around $11) and a hole plug ($1). After I bought the plug, I starting thinking that maybe that hole was for the dishwasher overflow drain, so I might not need the plug. I need to check that out. I still need to get an air conditioner filter, but I didn't have my tape measure with me, so I don't know what size I need. I'm just going to get one of those cheap $1 filters. I know if I don't, the home inspector will note it.

The yard still has weeds in it. Most are dead and I think I'm just going to leave them. The guy I spoke with last week did indeed blow me off. I even called him back and left a message, but he never returned my call. I tried calling someone else and he told me that he only does weed pulling in the spring. Apparently, he's got so much work he can turn jobs down. If the house is listed and doesn't sell for a month or so, I may revisit this and pretty up the yard at that time, but I'm reaching the point where I just want this to be done, so I'm willing to forgo some stuff I would ordinarily do.

Depending on what Keith tells me when he calls me back today, I am planning on heading out there tomorrow morning before work and finishing up these last details and then getting it listed for sale. I suspect I won't hear from Keith until towards the end of the day because he spent the weekend in Las Vegas at a bachelor party :-)


Steve said...

Ugh. Just when things are looking great with this property, another bombshell hits. I bet you can't wait to get this thing finished and sold. BOL!

Trisha#1 said...

Poor Shaun! You really do have nerves of steel. I would have gone postal and killed people by now! I admire your perserverance and determination to see things through. You will be successful in this business! Just keep your head up for the time being.

Shaun said...

As the Chinese saying goes, "The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed."

Trisha - Nerves of steel? Me? You're the one entering a bikini contest!

Steve said...


Anonymous said...

Shaun...I don't think I'd ignore the weeds, as you suggest. Getting rid of those is a curb appeal issue. If folks don't like what they see the instant they drive up, you've more than likely lost them for good. That's not so good when you are trying to sell and take your profits.

Sorry to comment anonymously, but I don't have time to register now.


Shaun said...

Len - ordinarily, I would agree with you. However, in Phoenix, it seems most of the buyers are investors who aren't going to live in the place anyway. I think curb appeal is less of an issue with them. But I am keeping it in mind, which is why I said I'd revisit the issue is the property hasn't sold in a month.

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